Mahdi AS said: Ask whatever you want from Allah. Even if it is a grain of salt ask from Allah.

It is not permitted to us to ask from others. Extending the hand and asking for money and food is not permitted. The result is that people will be patient in hunger and distress and will never extend their hands to ask for alms.

There are no beggers in Mahdavis.

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Give your heart to the Friend

Mahdi Mau’ood Alaihis Salam said: Dil ba Yaar, dast ba kaar (the heart should be with the Friend, the hands should be working).

Here the Friend referred to is Allah. This saying of Imamana Alaihis Salam is very useful for earners. They can do their work throughout the day, but the heart should be filled with the remembrance of Allah.

Just think of all the activities that we do: eating, drinking, bathing, walking, riding, driving, playing, cooking and all the professional work that we do. During each of these activities do zikr of Allah at the same time as you are doing the activity.

It might seem strange but its possible. You need to start with some activity. Say, eating. Do zikr while you are eating and concentrate on the zikr and not on the food. Its difficult at first, but persist with it. After a few attempts it becomes easier. And then, Insha Allah, you will find that eating happens in the background while the zikr is going on. You can choose your activity to try this out. Once you are happy with one activity, move on to the next and so on.

So choose an activity and start today.

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Assalaam Alaikum!

Here we go with yet another Mahdavia website. I know we already have lots of them – websites, discussion groups, blogs – many of them active, some inactive, but each serving the online Mahdavia society in their own way.

This blog is my small and meagre contribution towards the same cause.

Khuda Hafiz.

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